sobota, 19 lutego 2011

vol. 136

hello guyz~!
its really strange and difficult. i really think and i think that its my fucking problem. at some days when i listen japanese music i remind about old times, when i like some people. i listen music and i remember all time when i talk with this people and when i spend a time with they.
and now i ask a question myself and i cant find a reply. thats sad a little.
why sometimes we says something and late we regret this? why is that? its not fair. and when we tell somebody this bad thinks late this person cant forgive us, even miss to us like we miss her. thats really stupid.
now, when its long time ago from this other situation, i think that i was be really stupid, and selfish. i lost people which i like. and maybe which i fall in love at other day. stupid, stupid, stupid, im really stupid. now, in the feature i see, that is my fail decision.
sometimes i dream about this, when everything is good like long time ago. i think that will be great if will be that at this time. when this people forgive me, and forget about my words.
i dont wanna be enemy for anybody. really. i wanna be friendly for all. i need only have reply for my question: "can you give me a second chance my old friend?" i dont want anything from you. really. its to much for you? think about this please! and remember how was be beauty in moments our meetings, talks, and partys together.
remember this time when we laugh, hugs, and all this stuff? remember? answer me, please. i no need anything else at this moment. can you understand me? i cant believe you forget about me, and about our time at our life. if you read this my old friend please call me or write to me comments or message. i will be really happy. seriously!
i remember every our meetings, really. especially first meeting. can you remember? i waiting for you at train station and when i seen your face i was cry. you hug me and i cant breath. I wanna see your smile face again, and hug you, and give you a kiss in your cheek. tell me… you dont want it like me? you dont want back to this cute time when we spend time really great? tell me please.
i know that you wanna meet with me, but you dont know how and when. when i will be in your city i always find a time for you and to meet you.

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  1. Pinky pinky beauty beauty girl nanana
    Pinky pinky beauty beauty girl nanana
    Pinky pinky beauty beauty girl....

    dont be sad!!!


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