sobota, 27 listopada 2010

vol. 126

firstly - in poland its snowy. i wanna go die, because i hate snow. ;C (show at this pics)
secondly - i wanna meet with my babies ♥ i mean about SadSomo, and Byaku. miss you guyz~!
thirdly - today ill be in school, and had fucking exam. and what? ofcours stupied bitch teaching in this stupied classes told me that she dont know "if i know anything about her subject in school" WTF~! i wtirren much stupied things at chemistry etc etc, and she pass me. fuck~! whats a bitch. ;x
on a school break 
i call to my granny♥ i said her about this, and crying. not because i passed my fucking exam. i crying becouse i heard my lovely grandmomy. i miss so much my family, and my friends. i miss my room, and everythig what i leave there in pyrzyce.

photo for my lovely Miru♥ OMG~! guyz you dont know how much i love him♥♥♥
so baby... i think about us sometimes, and i know something. i miss to our talks at all days and everydays. really~! maybe its so stupid, but i really love talk with you, and look at you♥ you have amazing eyes, cute smile, nose and awesome lips♥! i need you beside me, and i know that you know about this. honey do something that was be like long time. remember? :D maybe i have a small objections for one difference in our life, but i think that if we want to much the same for us everything will be great♥.
and remember that you are the most handsome man of the all world. 
miss you so much♥~!

3 komentarze:

  1. niedlugo sie zobaczymy bb <3 no i SNOW <3

  2. snow? heey i wanna be in poland now. i really love snow. really really <3
    but with me? you wanna meet with me?
    ouhhh~! misamisa, dont cry.. you see soon your family ;>

    honney you must really really love him... i have a only one quest ;x he love you too? as hard as you love him?

    btw. lol... music in your blog kill me ;x BI Rain - Love story. ;x its not song for me at this moment ;x

    i dont think so.. look at my formspring.. i dont know "whats wronk i do Aiko" xD really dont know Y_Y

  3. seriously? who knows why she leave me. i dont know. maybe find someone else, or somethin like that, maybe im bored for her. i dunno really. ;(

    i wanna go to poland seriously, but i cant, and you know this my dear misa, right?
    big fail? maybe is it. dont worry honey. you have a friends. we all helps you if you want. ;)
    and have family. back to home if you want honey ;) its your choice, and you need decide about it if you want to stay in Poznan, or go home

    i know honey.. i know this. i like this song too, but in this moment is not proper.. xD

    and you remember. I LOVE You sis <3


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